Our Story

“A rainy day is no better or worse than a sunny day, that’s why we created Brellini”


As a kid, rainy days were the source of endless fun! On rainy days we would quickly get dressed, head to toe in raingear, and spend all day jumping in puddles and running around outside. Growing up, rainy days were no better or worse than sunny days. There was simply that endless enjoyment of playing outside far better than anything else. This childish excitement and celebration of rain is something we feel passionate about sharing. So after a great conversation among friends we decided to explore this theme further.


To us there are few things as precious as a hand-crafted piece and there are few countries in the world that can boast of a richer culture of outstanding artisans, exquisite quality and design as Italy. Our appreciation of fine craftsmanship and the beauty of rain were the inspiration for us to create an umbrella that would perfectly accompany you on a rainy day. Our umbrellas are an indispensable accessory of extraordinary quality that still possess a sense of wondrous excitement.



Our aim is to excite people to go outside on rainy days and discover beauty.


We create beautiful accessories that enable you to fully enjoy the rain.


We work with the best craftsmen and use the finest materials.