The Atelier

To bring Brellini to life we collaborated with uniquely talented craftsmen from Italy.


Our factory remains one of the last three Italian companies to craft umbrellas by hand. It is situated in the province of Mantova where it employs craftsmen who have refined their skills and expertise over generations, making each umbrella with a passion for excellence. From the founding mother who, over 60 years ago, started creating her own umbrellas with innovative designs and new techniques, these artisans still run their factory striving to deliver high quality in everything they do.


There is so much expertise in the details of a perfectly crafted umbrella from the polished wood handle to the curves along the canopy. The craftsmen at our factory have perfected their skills and knowledge over decades, providing us with the absolute finest handmade umbrellas. It is this kind of craftsmanship that we want to bring back to fashion.


An item that exhibits the quality of craftsmanship is timeless and we believe that its strength comes from a vigorous attention to detail. Our skilled craftsmen take great care in sourcing the best of materials using only produce from the surrounding regions and Italy, ensuring that each umbrella has a distinguished character able to sustain use effortlessly.