• December 04TH 2014

    A Love Letter to Rain

    The wonderful feeling of being outside when the sky has opened and it is pouring down with heavy raindrops is magical. It elevates all your senses and when you feel the water droplets gently kiss your skin and smell the freshness in the air, you will be amazed by how beautiful rain truly is. Standing in the middle of heavy rain brings a moment of calmness unequivalent to anything...

    READ THE FULL STORY HERE Written By: Katarina Lind Thornes
  • October 07TH 2014

    The Rain Keeper

    A few years ago I worked in Indonesia for an American company. One day I went to a meeting with one of our partners to discuss an event that we would be holding. Our partner was a private university offering business management and political science degrees. My taxi dropped me in front of the lobby and after successfully negotiating the revolving doors I caught the lift up to the 22nd floor. The building was shiny and new, probably one of the most ultra-modern buildings in Jakarta at the t...

    READ THE FULL STORY HERE Written By: Clare Harvey