A Love Letter to Rain

The wonderful feeling of being outside when the sky has opened and it is pouring down with heavy raindrops is magical. It elevates all your senses and when you feel the water droplets gently kiss your skin and smell the freshness in the air, you will be amazed by how beautiful rain truly is. Standing in the middle of heavy rain brings a moment of calmness unequivalent to anything else. It brings with it a deafening silence, where the mind is simply at peace and all surrounding noise ceases to exist, even if just for a moment.



“Upon us all a little rain must fall”. Flowers, plants, and all living things that grow and blossom need drops of rain as they need rays of sun. On a dry day when that long-awaited rain cloud sweeps in and showers the ground, you can see the flower heads reach towards the sky embracing every drop falling their way. Within moments energy is restored and flowers bloom yet again showing of their gorgeous vibrant colors. As a celebration of rain we created the flower umbrellas to brighten up your day.


The Brellini umbrellas will keep you safe and dry letting you enjoy the falling raindrops. As the droplets hit the umbrella and splash happily to the ground - stop and enjoy for a moment the precious wonders rain brings. Share in our excitement and let the lover of rain emerge within you, remember: “Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness has never danced in the rain”.

Written By: Katarina Lind Thornes